Projects / Parfums

My Burberry - BURBERRY

Launch of "My Burberry", the new feminine of the British brand, for which we realize the engraved, engraved and anodized fret.

Projects / Parfums

Gabrielle - CHANEL

We made the stunning aluminum square hoods for the launch of Gabrielle, Chanel's new women's fragrance.

The keys to the success of this beautiful project were:

  • - Stamping on tools to follow,
  • - Anodisation in specific shade
  • - High speed engraving and assembly

Projects / Parfums

Déclaration Edition limitée - CARTIER

A rare statement sheath (Cartier) with great brilliance, precision adjustments with the 150ml bottle, and the beautiful mechanical engraving that adorns it.

Projects / Parfums

J'Adore l'Or - DIOR

To succeed in the technical challenge posed by Dior on this new edition of J'Adore, we have used new metal deformation technologies, never used in our industry.
The two aluminum parts are thus shaped and engraved with a precision and precision never reached!
The parts are then assembled with the various plastic components on a dedicated automatic machine.

Projects / Parfums


For this new Fendi line, we made the bases in anodized aluminum gold, for the three sizes (30, 50 and 75 ml). Small rays and very fine engravings were among the main technical challenges.

Projects / Parfums


The new feminine Fendi for which we realize the two metal hulls, perforated, engraved anodized.
Launch September 2014 for 3 sizes 30, 50 and 100 ml

Projects / Parfums

Allure Homme - CHANEL

Manufacturing since the beginning of the line the Allure Homme hoods, we had the pleasure of being retained by the Chanel house for the realization of this version "revamped" 2013.
These hoods bring together many technical specificities, particularly a decor using double anodizing, lateral mechanical engraving and pad printing identified in the engraving of the top.

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