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To quickly materialize your projects, the creation of plans, models and tools is carried out on CAD / CAM stations associated with our NC machine tools or 3D printer.

Craftsmanship /


High production rates are ensured thanks to transfer and semi-automatic presses, flexible lines and robotic machines.

Craftsmanship /

Surface treatments

Our modern and functional unit makes it possible to realize a wide range of finishes by polishing on CNC machines, multicolored anodizing on automatic and manual chains.

Craftsmanship /

Completion and assembly

Assembly or laser engraving are performed on specialized automatic machines. The prints (screen printing, hot stamping ...) and decorations (double anodizing) are also integrated.

Craftsmanship /

Supply Chain

All these operations are chained and planned in an efficient Supply Chain dynamic, thanks to our E.R.P.

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